Hi, I'm Wanderbot, and I'm on a personal mission to play as many cool videogames as humanly (or inhumanly) possible. I generally focus on indie games and roguelikes, but dabble here and there with tabletop and AAA games when I can.

I'm also joined frequently by my fiancee, Chelle - (https://www.youtube.com/c/keeperofages) so keep an eye out for the purple robot in my thumbnails! She enjoys gaming as an interactive storytelling medium (and for analyzing worldbuilding and lore).

If you're a developer: make sure all emails from "me" are from wanderbots@gmail.com or wanderbotlp@gmail.com. Any other spellings are not me, and are people trying to request keys from you by using my name.

If you are press or a content creator who wants to use bits of my footage or artwork- write to me in advance to ask for my consent and permissions.

BR414R - Ignore this code, it's an identity verification thing for a bot.

Computer Specs: https://puu.sh/u9gqq/481c715040.txt